Popular Indian Dishes in Indian Restaurants

Popular Indian Dishes in Indian Restaurants

  1. Dosa

Dosa is a popular food in India which originated in South of India. This Indian dish has taken its place, not in Northern India but the world map of tasty meals. Dosa is a pancake, but the uniqueness of this to any other pancake is that is made crisp. Black lentils and fermented batter of rice are the primary ingredients in making Dosa. It is also prepared in any Dosa dishes such as Pizza Dosa, Pesarattu, Rava dosa, Chicken 65 Dosa, Set Dosa, Paper Dosa, Paneer Dosa, and Masala Dosa.

  1. Tandoori Meats, Vegetables, and Bread

The word Tandoori is a charcoal oven and sometimes called a clay oven. Tandoori is extensively used in Indian cuisine for cooking. The assortment of bread, vegetables, and meat are where Tandoor is used. The charcoal creates a smoky flavor and tenderness of the food in the Tandoor. It is done by exposing the food to live fire. Tandoori also comes with may other Tandoori dishes like Tandoori Roti, Tandoori chicken, Butter Naans, Tandoori Gobi, Aloo, and Kulchas.

  1. Butter Chicken or Butter Paneer

This Indian dish is the most popular food being served as Indian cuisine. The gravy of this dish is mildly spiced, which is creamy red and incredibly flavourful. It is said that this Indian food originated in Punjab. As the most popular Indian dishes, Butter Chicken or Butter Paneer can be seen in every table of Indian home and restaurant.

  1. Biryani

Biryani is also a popular food which is served in Indian cuisine. This food is added by eggs, vegetables, and meat, making it a mixed rice dish. Many restaurants blended it with spices, rice, meat, vegetables, and saffron making it more flavourful. You can find different types of unique biryani in any places in India. This Indian food originated in Persia which is brought to India by Mughals.