Top Indian Restaurant Around the World

Top Indian Restaurant Around the World

1. Junoon, New York
One of the famous and top-selling Indian Restaurant in the world is Junoon. After ten months of opening, the restaurant won its Michelin star. Exquisite Tandoor preparation and the restaurant’s authentic desserts, which are flavourful, is one of the pride of the restaurant. Enjoy Saffron Phirni and Bhut Jolokia Murgh Tikka.

2. Kashmir House, Paris
Kashmir Restaurant is situated in the heart of Paris. Having all the most well-known restaurant in France, Kashmir Restaurant is the most popular place. The restaurants authentic taste-buds is one of its pride. Enjoy also the intimate and delicate flavor of Rogan Gosht and Keema Samosa.

3. Gaggan, Bangkok
Gaggan is known as the progressive Indian Cuisine in Bangkok. Wait for there’s more, Ganggan by Gaggan Anand is also crowned as Asia’s best restaurant. The best Indian food that they offer is the dish they called “Beauty and the Beast.” This dish is made up of young potatoes which are stuffed, which is added by sun-dried figs. They also have their best seller Indian food, which is the “Green with Envy.” It is a green peppercorn chicken kebabs with coriander foam being combined to add a savory taste on the dish.

4. Gymkhana, London
Are you looking for a white glove treatment? Or do you want to experience the Colonial era? Find it all in Gymkhana famous restaurant in London. Do not miss their Absinthe Lassi and the flavoury taste of Wild Muntjac Biryani.

5. Bombay Club, Washington
Bombay Club is another top Indian restaurant in the world which is mainly located in Washington. The restaurant will bring you back to the Colonial era. Famous and well-known people like George Bush are one of the regular customers of this restaurant in Washington.